VI Winter Symposium on Chemometrics February 18—22 , 2008, Kazan, Russia
Modern Methods of Data Analysis
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You are cordially invited to attend Sixth Winter Symposium on Chemometrics (WSC-6) is the only chemometrics conference in Russia!

The central idea of the first 5-year cycle of the Drushbametrics program (DM) was to start up chemometrics in Russia and to reach out to new, young (and not-so-young) scientists abroad with a view to further contacts at all levels.

The success of the previous conferences confirms the benefit of continuing to organize scientific meetings devoted to developing chemometrics in Russia. An equally important objective is to facilitate international networking with colleagues from abroad. Beginning from WSC-4 we renamed our meetings from "Winter School on Chemometrics" to "Winter Symposium on Chemometrics". A representative selection of the state of the art of WSC contributions is a recent special issue of Chemometrics and Intelligent Laboratory Systems journal.

For the two last meetings Elsevier Publishers provided a special prize for the best oral or poster presentation from a young scientist.

WSC-6 starts a second generation Drushbametrics biannual cycle. In the future the DM project will focus on closer formal cooperation with other national chemometrics societies.

Scientific contributions to WSC-6 are solicited on all aspects of chemometrics.

The Drushbametrics conferences are famous for their varied and intensive cultural and social program which not only includes local interesting attractions and events, but which focuses especially on scientific networking. Every night the traditional “Scores & Loadings” party will be held — with no limits on the number of standard deviations. This tradition was an inherent part of the first Drushbametrics program — it has every chance to become an ever more important fixture also in the next 10 years. Your contribution is important!