VI Winter Symposium on Chemometrics February 18—22 , 2008, Kazan, Russia
Modern Methods of Data Analysis
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The organizers of WSC-6 invite your company to join us in Kazan for the Sixth Winter Symposium on Chemometrics — only chemometrics conference in Russia. Since the first meeting more than 5 years ago, WSC has been a great opportunity to share experiences, exchange knowledge and widen horizons. We hope this meeting will also bring positive and fruitful collaboration between chemometricians, chemists and engineers. The expected number of participants is about 100 delegates.

Chemometrics was born in the seventies and can be defined as "the science of relating measurements made on a chemical system or process to the state of the system via application of mathematical or statistical methods". Since then chemometrics truly became an enabling science for many disciplines other than analytical and process analytical chemistry, most notably biological, pharmaceutical, chemical and process engineering areas, imaging and biomedical areas, food and environmental areas.

Considering the important role of scientific equipment/software in chemometrics, the organizing committee is willing to arrange a small exhibition within the WSC framework. You are cordially invited to participate in this action.

Participation and cost involve:

  1. Presence in the WSC-6 Exhibition Area (4 sq. m, table, chair) with insertion of one leaflet into delegate packs.
  2. Free registration of one representative with all the science and social activities included. Additional representatives are charged with the regular conference fees.
  3. Acknowledgment as a financial sponsor at the conference and the brand/logo on official conference advertisements and communications.

The cost for the package is 1,500.00 EUR