IV Winter Symposium on Chemometrics February 15—18 , 2005, Moscow (Chernogolovka), Russia
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Modern Methods of Data Analysis


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04.02.2005 — The conference schedule was changed.
31.01.2005 — The conference schedule is available now.
10.01.2005 — Attendees and Abstracts pages are available now. The organizing committee asks all participants who still did not send the abstract do it as soon as possible.
04.01.2005 — Now you can download more detailed map of Chernogolovka with most important places marked (thanks to Chernogolovka official site owners). Instructions how to reach Chernogolovka from Moscow by bus are available on the Venue page.
16.11.2004 — Map of Chernogolovka is available on the Venue page.
Chernogolovka, winter alley.
Location of the 4th symposium is a small town, which is widely known for its special science facilities: no less than six Research Institutes and Moscow Universities branches are situated in Chernogolovka. It is within easy reach from Moscow by all scheduled public buses (1 hour). The famous "Star City", which is the training center of Russian and international cosmonauts, is also located near Chernogolovka; a special excursion to this space science center will be organized.

Introductory 2-days course in the chemometric subjects will be held immediately before the Symposium. Course language is Russian. All participants will receive Camo's book "Multivariate Data Analysis in Practice", written by Kim Esbensen in short translation edited by Oxana Ye. Rodionova."